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What is the recommended Podcast cover art size?

The recommended podcast cover art size is 3000 x 300 pixels with a minimum of [...]

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What is the Recommended Spotify Cover Art Size?

The recommended Spotify cover art size is 1600 x 1600 pixels, the aspect ratio of [...]

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The Dirty History of Parental Advisory label (PAL)

The Parental Advisory Label, or PAL for short, is a warning label made by (RIAA). [...]

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What is the Recommended Album Cover Size?

Album cover size may vary from platform to platform, so you may need to design [...]

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What is Animated Album Cover Art? And what are they used for?

What is animated album cover art? This article will give you every detail you’ll need [...]

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How to get discount from Buy Cover Artwork?

How to get discount from BuyCoverArtwork? It is very interesting to have a discount everywhere [...]