How To Get Discount From Buycoverartwork

How to get discount from Buy Cover Artwork?

How to get discount from BuyCoverArtwork?

It is very interesting to have a discount everywhere and somehow, everyone wants to have discount. So, we’re going to explain to you how to get discount on album covers of BuyCoverArtwork and visit on sale cover art section of website.


There are several ways to get a discount in BuyCoverArtwork. If you have these conditions then you can get a discount:

And now we want to explain exactly each part to you. Stay tuned!


On Sale Cover Art

Click On Sale link to see On sale cover art page. BuyCoverArtwork always has great deals for you. There are a lot of cover art on sale that you can choose and buy on BuyCoverArtwork.


Social media discount

You can also get a discount if you are active on your social media platforms. Remember that these types of discounts can be used on your next BuyCoverArtwork purchase and do not affect your first purchase.


For Instagram users, there is an option to get a 5% discount for every 1000K followers (limited to 15%). After your purchase from BuyCoverArtwork, just tag our Instagram account on your posts. Remember:

  • The BuyCoverArtwork tag must be clearly visible
  • You must keep the post in your feed for at least 3 days.
  • Your like ratio is also important
  • The photo you tag us should be the cover of your album

Facebook, Pintrest, Tumblr and Twitter

You can mention us in your posts on Twitter and Facebook and get a 5% discount on your next purchase. Please note that discount coupons do not work in the design displayed on the “On sale Cover Art” page.


Discount from BuyCoverArtwork logo on cover of your album

If you are an band/artist and would like to have the BuyCoverArtwork logo on the cover of your album, there is an option to get a 10% discount on your next purchase from BuyCoverArtwork. Remember, to use this option, write it in your customer note on the product page and tell us that you would like to have our logo on your design. We will add the logo and then send it to you. For anyone who chooses this option, we will add a free YouTube splash. This option also works with designs on the “On Sale” page.


Discount if You are a recording company

BuyCoverArtwork is always looking forward to working with record companies, so you may have some discounts on your purchases. If you are a recording company and it’s your first purchase from BuyCoverArtwork, just email us at and introduce yourself. Depending on your activities, you can get at least 10 to 20 percent discount, without any limit on your shopping cart.

After your first purchase, we will send you another 10% discount coupon for the next purchase. After 5 successful purchases with a minimum of $ 350, you will receive a free photo to choose from among our designs and you will also have a free design. It’s worth to mention that the free work is from our not-vendor designers. You can contact us by email for more information.

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