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Reasons to sell using BCAW?

The What, Who, and Why

Let’s start with the definition of BCAW. Through the artist-owned online marketplace platform BuyCoverArtwork, people worldwide can license original, unique, and exclusive artwork for their creative projects. These projects include album covers, book covers, movie covers, podcast covers, gig posters and flayers, merchandise and clothing designs, and more. You can sell your artwork by signing up through BCAW and receive the following benefits:

See Your Artwork Used Out in the Real World

As an artist, there’s no better feeling than seeing your artwork used for a great project. BCAW allows designers, authors, musicians, bands, artists, singers, producers, content creators, labels and publishers and pretty much anyone else to easily find and license your artwork for use in their projects. You’ll have your artwork seen on album, book, movie and podcast covers, posters, merchandise, and more.

Earn Extra Income

Who doesn’t love a little extra cash? Well, by making your artwork available for licensing through BCAW you’ll be profiting every time a piece of your artwork is licensed. Commissions are paid out quickly via PayPal so there’s no waiting around for payouts.

Get Discovered by Potential Clients

The BCAW platform is great for selling your artwork, but it is also an amazing way to get your artwork discovered by potential clients. The customers that visit BCAW are always looking for new and unique artwork. Consistently uploading your artwork vastly improves your chances of being discovered by someone who’ll love your artwork and want to use it for their next project. And, next project.

Participate in the Community

We’re all in this together. BCAW is artist-owned and we’re here to help build a community of like-minded creators that want to share their work with the world. We all follow each other on the social platforms and help promote each other’s work. We enjoy spreading the word about BCAW artists and being able to build relationships with amazing artists from all over the globe. We’d love to have you!

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Artists Quotes

See what artists have to say!

Working with BCAW is as easy as getting a license on the site.

The freedom I have is the best part, I can create, then just upload everything and it will be available on the site.


BCAW makes it so easy to sell my art online! I create artwork, I upload to platform, and that’s it! BCAW has made it possible for me to sell art that I create in my free time. Thank you for creating BCAW! I’m honestly making more sales than I expected and it’s all thanks to your site!


How it Works?

Just in 4 simple step.

1. Create

Create your art. Digital art, photography, traditional, whatever you do, just do it. Note, you can only sell artwork that is exclusive and created by you.

2. Upload

Once you’re account created, simply upload your artwork. We recommend uploading JPEG images with a minimum size of 1000px x 1000px

3. Share

Share your unique BCAW artist page link to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to let your followers know you’ve uploaded new artwork.

4. Profit

Potential customers find your artwork on BCAW, and when one of your pieces is sold, you’ll receive your commission payout automatically within 48 hours.

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