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BuyCoverArtwork (BCAW) is an artist-owned online marketplace platform that gives artists, designers, makers and animators a place to license their creations like images, illustrations, graphics, designs and animations to a world-wide audience like authors, musicians, bands, artists, singers, producers, content creators, labels and publishers for streaming, publishing and printing or use as album, book, movie and podcast covers, posters, merchandise, and more.

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The BCAW team is made up of artists from all over the world with a wide range of backgrounds and interests. We’ve come together to provide tools to help other artists successfully achieve their creative goals because we are artists and we love creating.


BCAW is a community effort. We enjoy sharing artwork with the world and helping people discover our amazing BCAW artists. We use various social media accounts, blogs, and email campaigns to help promote the work of our community on a daily basis.


In addition to being artists at heart, the BCAW team is also made up of seasoned technologists. We’ve built amazing technology and know how to make it scale. We’re constantly working on improving the BCAW platform and providing our users with the best possible experience.

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Satisfied and excited about my new release 🙂 all because of this dope cover art!

Mark Jance / Independent Musician

Great quality covers and very fast delivery, I will highly recommend this company to others.

Tim Jones / Artist

Great quality covers and very fast delivery, I will highly recommend this company to others.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We Answered what you asked

What is BCAW (BuyCoverArtwork)?

The ideal platform to discover creative premium graphic art and design by worldwide artists. Exclusively license and easily download graphics. You will always own them.

What are the best use cases for Buy Cover Artwork artworks?

Streaming, publishing and printing services and platforms, album cover art, book cover art, movie cover artwork, track art, poster design, flyer design, thumbnail or cover art, merchandise, unique branding, t-shirts, wallpaper, social media promotions and more. With the artwork you exclusively license, you have all the rights and you are free to do whatever you want.

What is included with an exclusive license?

The artist guarantees the artwork has never been licensed before and BCAW selected each piece carefully. When you claim an artwork as a BCAW customer, you will be granted a perpetual (everlasting) license to use it. The artwork will no longer be available on the platform or through the artist. However, we may use it in our portfolio for promotions. As a reminder – we don’t condone use of our name, images, or the names of our artists in any hate speech.

How long does the process take?

After placing the order, we will start working on your cover art (adding your title, logo, etc.). We will usually send you a preview within a few hours, but sometimes it may take 48 hours. Meanwhile, you can follow the work process by sending a Follow-up request. Use to know the details of your order(s). Please be sure to check your spam/junk folder as well; Sometimes, the emails are not sent to your inbox.

We like to buy artwork, but we have still not come up with a name!

If you have not come up with any title for the artwork. Then you can simply ask us for a blank version of the design (without title/logo). We can then email you the artwork (without title/logo) or we can hold the design for you and when you come up with a title then you can let us know and we will add them to the artwork. Of course, there is no extra charge for that.

How can I sell my artwork as an artist?

We’ve made it very easy for you. Go to Sell and click the Sign Up Now button. It will only take you a few minutes to send us your information and portfolio to set up your account and begin uploading your artwork!

What do the artists “verified” badges mean?

An BCAW artist account with a verified badge next to its name means that the Artist is top and certified and has sold a lot of work.

What other design services do you provide?

We provide lot of design services for Producers, Artists, Bands, and Musicians such as Album Cover artworks, Logo design, Merchandise Design, Social media banners, websites, and much more.

Yes, we do. You can use the Custom Cover Art page to request a custom project. Ne sure to provide a comprehensive overview of your design cover art design. If you attach a picture of what you have in mind, it will be more useful. It is worth tom mention that Custom Cover Art costs more than normal/exclusive covers that you can find on the website. Prices start at 149$ per custom-made cover.

How are prices determined?

Artists determine the prices for their images and animations. Prices may vary for each artist and can change at the artist’s discretion. There won’t be an additional fee for any purchases.

Is there any option to refund?

Refunds are generally not possible after completing your order, because BCAW‘s designs are exclusive, so it may damage our reputation. However, you can send an Email to for more information.

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