Soundcloud Profile Picture Size

What is the Recommended SoundCloud Profile Picture Size?

If you want to get big someday and start from SoundCloud, you need a profile that reflects you and your music or art. One of the most important aspects of a profile is the profile picture you use, and you can’t use just any picture as your profile picture; you need to follow some regulations and directions to get the best result. A great profile can affect someone’s success, and there is so much potential in great shape.

Recommended SoundCloud Profile Picture Size

  • The perfect SoundCloud profile picture size has the aspect ratio of 1:1 and is 1000 x 1000 pixels in size.
  • It should also be either a JPEG file or a PNG
  • The SoundCloud profile image size shouldn’t also exceed 2 Mb. However, this doesn’t look like much for a picture; 2 Mb is more than enough.
Soundcloud Profile Picture Size
The Perfect Soundcloud Profile Picture Size Is 1000 X 1000 Pixels, The Aspect Ratio Of 1:1, Jpeg Or A Png Format, 2Mb File Size


Additional SoundCloud Picture Sizes You Should Know About

There are other essential features on your profile that you need to ensure are correct in size and won’t become a mistake.

Soundcloud Banner Size
The Perfect Soundcloud Banner Size Is 2480 X 520 Pixels, The Aspect Ratio Of 4.7:1, Jpeg Or A Png Format, 2Mb File Size

SoundCloud Header Image Size

Your SoundCloud Banner, also known as your profile header image, is the most significant image on your Soundcloud profile page and the one that will attract the most attention; it’s essential to pick the correct picture and even more critical to choose the right size.

  • The recommended Soundcloud banner size is 2480 x 520 pixels making it a 7:1 aspect ratio.
  • Much like the Soundcloud profile pic size, this also has the maximum size of 2Mb.

The recommended Soundcloud banner size is necessary because it will allow you to zoom in and adjust the image how you like it.


Soundcloud Cover Art Size
Soundcloud Cover Art Size Is 800 X 800 Pixels, The Aspect Ratio Of 1:1, Jpeg Or A Png Format, 2Mb File Size

SoundCloud Cover Size

The album cover art is one of the most important images you should deal with. It shows what your art is about, what message it contains, and how others should see it. Choosing the right picture and Soundcloud album cover art is essential.

  • The recommended Soundcloud album art image dimensions size is 800 x 800 pixels which is also the minimum size of your cover with an aspect ratio of 1:1.
  • This also has the limitation of 2Mb and shouldn’t be more than that.
  • It should also be either a JPEG file or a PNG


Why Do I Need a SoundCloud Profile Picture?

Your profile picture is a representation of your art and your personality. A profile picture is like an ID for your SoundCloud account. The first thing that shows up when you share your profile on different sites and social media is your profile picture. And also, having a good profile picture can boost your confidence with the audience and make you more confident about your profile.

A good profile picture shows people how serious you are and how much you are willing to put on the table. It shows that you are a professional and putting effort into all your work. It also shows your audience that you value them and respect them.

Also, remember that if someone sees an excellent picture on your music or podcast profile on SoundCloud, they’re likely to come back to it because of more than just your content.


How Can I Design My SoundCloud Profile Picture?

If you don’t have the necessary skills to design something for yourself, don’t be afraid; there are multiple ways that you can still make something both professional and standard. There are many different designing tools, some specifically made so you can create profile pictures for various websites. These tools come in both online websites and various applications. You can also pay a professional designer, so you don’t go through the trouble of designing yourself.

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Tips on Designing a Great SoundCloud Profile Picture

You need to make sure that your profile picture is what you want it to be, so here are some tips for you to have a better SoundCloud display picture:

  • Make sure your design is similar to your music and your messages. Add elements that remind people of your art.
  • Make sure you follow your branding, and if you have any profile on other platforms, keep your profile picture the same on all of them so people can find you on all platforms easier.
  • Keep it as simple as possible. A messy and chaotic profile picture is not what you want to have.
  • Use professionally shot photos so you don’t have to spend more time on it than what it needs.


How To Upload/Change Soundcloud Profile Picture?
How To Upload/Change Soundcloud Profile Picture?

How to Upload/Change SoundCloud Profile Picture?

It’s not very hard to change or upload your Soundcloud profile picture. You just got to follow these steps:

  • First, ensure you are signed in to your Soundcloud account
  • Then, on the navigation bar at the top, click on your profile picture and go to your profile.
  • Go over the Soundcloud profile image section and click on “Update Image
  • Choose the image you want your profile picture to change.
    Ensure that you got the dimensions right, and note that the painting will automatically crop to a circle to fit on the display picture frame.
  • Click on “Save Changes”.


How To Upload/Change Soundcloud Profile Picture?
How To Upload/Change Soundcloud Profile Picture On Ios?
How To Upload/Change Soundcloud Profile Picture?
How To Upload/Change Soundcloud Profile Picture On Android?

If you are on a mobile device, follow these steps:


  • Open the SoundCloud app.
  • Go to your library/collection.
  • On the top right corner, click on the three dots and then go to “Your Profile”.
  • Click on the Edit
  • Click on your profile display picture and choose your new profile picture.
  • Click on “Save”.



Final Thoughts

What you sound like and how you made it will be the most impressive thing that will ultimately attract your audience, but that doesn’t mean more minor features like how your profile looks aren’t practical. Based on how your profile looks, it may have a positive or negative impact on your audience and your long-term, so putting some time and creativity into your profile can’t do you any wrong. It can help you establish yourself more with your audience.

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