Instagram Size, Guidelines, And Requirements

Instagram Size, Guidelines, and Requirements

Instagram is one of the biggest and most used social media apps in this day and age. It is a photo and video-sharing social networking service.

It’s popular because it allows users to upload media that can be edited with filters and organized by hashtags and geographical tagging. It has more than 1 billion monthly active users, and it’s viral in the USA and India, with more than 150 million monthly active users.


Instagram Size, Guidelines, and Requirements

It’s’ safe to say if you want to grow in popularity, you’ll need to use Instagram and regularly post pictures, videos, and updates to your current state; to correctly use it, you’ll need to know how it works.

Also, what are the best Instagram size, guidelines, Instagram dimensions, and Instagram guidelines for each part and each respective category?


Instagram Profile Picture Size
The Instagram Profile Picture Size Is 320 X 320 Pixels, A Perfect Circle With An Aspect Ratio Of 1:1. The Accepted File Format Types Are Jpg, Bmp, Or Png.

Instagram Profile Picture Size, Guidelines, and Requirements

Remember that no matter what, Instagram will show your profile picture as a circle, so don’t put so many details in the corners.

On the Instagram mobile app, your Instagram profile picture size appears in a circle at 110 x 110 pixels. In the desktop version, the Instagram profile size is viewed at 180 x 180 pixels. Still, in Instagram stories, the Instagram profile dimensions are 320 x 320 pixels, so make sure to upload an Instagram profile picture size of 320 x 320 pixels with an aspect ratio of 1:1.


Instagram Post Size, Guidelines, and Requirements

There are three different Instagram post sizes that you should know:

Instagram Square Post Size, Guidelines, and Requirements

For an Instagram post size, you’ll need to have a minimum resolution of 1080 x 1080 pixels for the perfect outcome of your image. Your image also needs an aspect ratio of 1:1, making it a perfect square. You can post multiple photos in one post and scroll through each, so don’t worry about your comics and longer posts.

Instagram Landscape Dimensions, Guidelines, and Requirements

Instagram landscape dimensions for your images should be 1080 x 608 pixels, or they can have higher resolutions if it’s following the same aspect ratio, which is an aspect ratio of 1.91:1. Try your best not to use lower resolutions because it may cause weird effects and blurry images.

Instagram Portrait Size, Guidelines, and Requirements

For Instagram portrait size, you’ll need your resolution to be 1080 x 1350 pixels. It should follow the aspect ratio of 4:5. It can also have higher resolutions if it follows the same aspect ratio of 4:5. Much like landscape photos and regular posts, if you go lower resolutions, the image might lose some of its elements and graphics.

Instagram Post Size
There Are Three Different Instagram Post Sizes That You Should Know:
Square, Landscape, Portrait

Instagram Video Size, Guidelines, and Requirements

The Instagram feed video size has three other options that you can pick from when uploading your picture.

First, the landscape has a minimum resolution of 600 x 315 pixels, giving it a 16:9 aspect ratio. Then there is a square with a minimum resolution of 600 x 600 pixels and an aspect ratio of 1:1. Then there is a vertical with an aspect ratio of 4:5 and a minimum resolution of 600 x 750 pixels. Instagram video lengths all have a maximum file size of 4 Gb and a max length of 60 seconds. The file type should also be either MP4 or MOV.


IGTV Size, Guidelines, and Requirements

Instagram IGTV size is similar to Instagram story size and Instagram live size.

Instagram IGTV resolution is also 1080 x 1920 pixels, making it an aspect ratio of 9:16. The Instagram IGTV dimensions are also a minimum of 720 pixels, and the file should be uploaded in MP4 format. Instagram IGTV length is 1 minute up to 60 minutes. Instagram IGTV requirements for videos shorter than 10 minutes shouldn’t go over 650 Mb, but for videos longer than 10 minutes and up to 60 minutes, the maximum file size is 3.6 Gb. Instagram IGTV minimum length is 1 minute.


Instagram Reel Size, Guidelines, and Requirements

Instagram Reel size is similar to the Instagram story and Instagram live.

Instagram reels length are 60 seconds long, so make sure to pick shorter videos if you are going to make a reel. They are also 1080 x 1920 pixels, the standard size for most videos on the platform, so you shouldn’t have any trouble creating videos that fit these dimensions. Also, their file size shouldn’t exceed 4 Gb, and that’s so much to work with.


Instagram Stories Size, Guidelines, and Requirements

If you want to upload your images and videos as stories, you need to use these Instagram story guidelines:

An aspect ratio of 9:16 and your file type should be either a JPEG, PNG, MP4, or MOV. You can go for the minimum Instagram story dimensions of 600 x 1067 pixels, with 1080 x 1920 pixels being the recommended resolution. Also, keep in mind that your Instagram Story length story can’t be longer than 15 seconds, and if you upload a video longer than 15 seconds, Instagram will split up your story into 15-second clips.


Instagram Live Size, Guidelines, and Requirements

Instagram live dimensions are similar to Instagram stories dimensions and Instagram reels dimensions.

Instagram live video size and Instagram live cover size have an aspect ratio of 9:16 and a minimum resolution of 600 x 1067 pixels. With a maximum resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. But the big difference is that you can record up to 4 hours of Instagram live length worth of content and entertainment for your audience. Also, remember that when you go live, you can see how many people are watching your stream. The people watching your stream will also be able to interact with you by adding comments and emojis or by purchasing badges that show heart icons beside their names in the comments.


Instagram Ad Size, Guidelines, and Requirements

Much like an Instagram post, for an Instagram single image ad or a carousel ad, your picture should be a perfect square having an aspect ratio of 1:1.

The image should also have a minimum resolution of 1080 x 1080 pixels. If you don’t reach the minimum resolution, your image will be upscaled, which usually causes your image to lose some graphic elements and blur some parts.

Instagram Feed Video Ad Size, Guidelines, and Requirements

The feed video ad has similarities with the feed video, but there are also some differences. It can have an aspect ratio from 1.91:1 to 4:5 and a minimum width of 500 pixels. The maximum file size should be 30 Mb, and the length should be from 1 second up to 2 minutes.


What Should My Instagram Page Look Like?

You can use any images and videos you want, but since it’s part of your Instagram profile, you should connect them with your profile picture and content and use branding.

You can pick a central theme or specific colors so that your content and your profile picture will show similar things, and it will have a solid theme in the future. This will look more professional, have more meaning for the audience, and help your branding a lot.


How to Make Instagram Designs with No Design Skills?

You don’t need to be a professional designer to make your designs; There are more than enough online websites, apps, and tools to help you make your designs.

Some have pre-made formats and fonts to help you with this task. You can use the premade formats or make something from the ground up yourself, and it’s entirely up to you to choose how you will make and design it.

You can put something related to your Instagram Content on your Instagram Designs or maybe have some fun with it and add unrelated stuff. You can even contact a professional designer to help you with the task and have them make something more professional and suited for you.

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Ending Note

A consistent brand will help you greatly if you have long-term plans to become an Instagram content creator. It makes it easier for your audience to recognize you and supports your growth.

Your Instagram looks to help make a consistent brand and solidify your place on Instagram. Just make sure you pick the correct colors and designs so you don’t need to change your brand a lot during a short period.

Whether you’re an influencer or someone new to Instagram, you must keep Instagram requirements and other guidelines in mind.

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